November 07, 2013

First post !

Well, since I guess this is gonna be the first of a long series of posts for “the web”, I should probably start out by introducing myself :

My name is Jean-Marie Comets, I’m a half-american/half-french computer nerd (or geek, or whatever). I like techs and projects, programming (Python <3), open-source stuff, movies, music, video-games, as well as pretty much anything science-ish. At the moment, I’m in my fourth year of engineering school, going for a degree in computer science.

I’m really active on Github, and have a few cool projects I’m very proud of, mainly :

  • tess, an object-based search engine (written during a hackathon -> FHacktory)
  • IntoSpectrum, a server-sided web audio player

I’m also a very big movie-freak, my top flick being Pulp Fiction, which I think combines perfectly the ingredients of a great movie, and at the same time has this unique humor that cracks me up every time. Also Samuel L. Jackson is a total badass.

Anyways, I’m in my school’s movie club (check out the website!-french btw), and we’re into all sorts of awesome/funny/weird/whatever types of movies. Just saying that some I might post about may not be worth watching, depending on the tone used in the prose and the IMDb rating…